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On early June 2016, I decided to create a video about my hometown, Kuantan. Actually I’m trying to cover each district in Malaysia, trying to promote our local places one by one. Kuantan is a lab rat for my project and I did some research on interesting places (beaches, waterfalls, landmarks etc). I want to tell a story to people from different perspective, some drone shots would be nice. At that time, I have nothing to record videos. I then try to persuade one of my friend Rexa to help me with this project. After a lot of thinking, he accepted it (thank you!). I also went to FahrulAzmi to borrow his Sony A7s with a wide lens, and he let me without a second thought. I actually want to rent his camera, but he refuse to be paid! Thank you bro!

So after that, we went for a 2 days trip to Kuantan. We had to plan to shoot aerial video on two sessions : 9-11AM and 3-6PM since we only have 2 drone batteries. We also had to skip a lot of places because of resources and time.

My original draft. A lot of places have to be skipped actually since we don’t have enough time and battery! ūüėā

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  1. Kundasang video is the best so far!

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