Forms/Input Bootstrap Choosen Twitter Bootstrap Wizard This Twitter Bootstrap plugin builds a wizard using a formatted tabbable structure. It allows to build a wizard functionality using buttons to go through the different wizard steps and using events allows to hook into each step individually. Media Bootstrap Image Gallery Bootstrap Image Gallery is an extension to the Modal dialog of Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit, to ease navigation between a set of gallery images. It features mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen mode and slideshow functionality. p/s: this post is being updated time

When I’m doing a responsive web design, I try to work on 1200px wide first. Find the max size of image needed and then work on different size from there. I recently encountered the problem where I need to have the same image height but different width using only 1 image. I need to center the image properly so that it still looks like being cropped properly. HTML :


Update : Flisterz have nice suggestion (using js)



1. Interfaces exist to enable interaction 2. Clarity is job #1 3. Conserve attention at all costs 4. Keep users in control 5. Direct manipulation is best 6. One primary action per screen 7. Keep secondary actions secondary 8. Provide a natural next step 9. Appearance follows behavior (aka form follows function) 10. Consistency matters

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